What is How to Make a Banger University?

H2MABU is a 21 Day Workshop based around the Metaphysics of Music: a term established by me explaining the subtle energetic aspect of the artistic process, applicable to all creative fields on how to always stay inspired, capture your ideas, and complete them into a tangible form.

Pre-recorded video lessons will be sent to your inbox when the course starts along with a daily activity intended at helping you integrate into reality what you learned from the video and turn it into a good habit.

The purpose of this course is so you never get stuck creatively again, so you can create and express your ideas unhindered and on command.

So you can live your life in the state of flow, and know with confidence that everything you make is a banger, because you have decided that first.

only bangers is mindset, only bangers is a lifestyle - every work is done at the highest vibration, because that is what we’ve decided.

This course is for both advanced and beginner artists.

How will I benefit?

Established Professional Artists/Producers/Creators:

New unique tools to get out of writers block/beat block. See new perspectives, get out of your head, go back to your roots, remember why you started on your artistic path, actualize what you were born to do.

Beginner Artists/Producers/Creators:

It is essential to develop good habits from the start. While you’re learning how to produce & create I believe its just as important to know energetically how to harness your energy.

You can prevent years of wasted time in the future that most artists and producers go through. Opportunity to practice your confidence from the beginning, your first beat/song could go far, but if you don’t have the eyes to see, or positive expectation training connected with discipline, you won’t manifest it forth. I’ve noticed once an artist or producer gets to the professional level they start overthinking, hold off on releasing, then get energetically blocked for years to come, and many quit because it becomes to dense/difficult and they don’t know why.

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Taavi Haapala

Sound Artist, Composer & Music Producer. Researching through trial and error, the Metaphysics of Music for the past 10+ years. How to get and stay in the creative flow 🌊🐬🌀